What’s beyond | 365:109

I feel a bit disingenuous here, because the two chaps in the foreground were happily posing for a picture, or so they thought. We’d been chatting together, the three of us, when I spied this moment of motherly intimacy beyond. For me, often, it’s a case of that ‘what’s beyond’ that intrigues my photographic fervor. It’s such a serenity that is simply too palpable to resist. I’ve mooted this idea of vignetting your compositions with people before and I think it works particularly well here. In terms of the digital darkroom, yes I’ve burned in the foreground figures, drawing the eyes through the composition to a central focal point.

Shot data: focal length 85mm, f3.2, 1/160, ISO 800, under-exposed by a stop

A black and white picture of a mother hugging her baby at a wedding

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