Wedding photography in Greenwich | Queen’s House

It would be fair to say there’s been a hiatus in blog posting of late. Given I posted one a day in May, I just needed a little time to divert my energy into ‘being on the road’ with a camera in hand over the last thirty days or so. So, here’s one from Greenwich; The Queen’s House to be pedantically accurate. Weddings in London are, in terms of transport, a juggling act. I try to leave my car at home in Berkshire and use public transport. There’s little that enthuses me less than making a snail’s pace of progress through smugly calculated short cuts, only to watch cyclists flash past at a relative light speed – and that’s not even the lycra brigade. Having said that, if a London wedding is in one place, or relatively tight in crow flight planning, I prefer the moderately less than mortgage styled train fare, park up at or close to a venue and use my legs. And I’m pleased I did just that for this day, as climbing the hill between Greenwich and the observatory for bridal preparations I happened upon this view.

View from Greenwich Observatory in colour

And so the day began; bright sunshine, Greater London’s decadent and most beautiful hillside awash with sun worshippers, and one ‘glowing’ wedding photographer ascending and descending what seemed like a forty-five degree gradient to traverse between bridal preparations atop the hill and the main show in the valley. This is the story of Lena and Ander’s day. I’m yet to mention that the couple know what they like in terms of photography, respective movie producer and decorated special effects supervisor for films within the Harry Potter franchise to name but one.

View from a house in GreenwichColour pic of a bride getting ready for her wedding in LondonThe Tulip Staircase in colour A wedding in Greenwich London  Wedding speeches in London at Greenwich

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