Wasing Woodland Wedding | One Minute Wedding film

So where did those couple of months go? Summer has been full on. I know I know, intro me to a wedding vendor who doesn’t say that sentence verbatim. Regrouping now for autumn, it’s time to take out my electronic quil and start writing again. Few bits of news from HQ before today’s main attraction. I’ve been a big user of the video sharing platform Vimeo for quite a few years now, but I’ve recently begun to engage on YouTube a little more. My YT channel has been active for a while, it’s simply that I made a technical decision to favour a different platform for embedding films on this site many moons ago. That said, things are changing and today’s blog features a short intro and one minute movie from celebrations shot in Berkshire at Wasing’s Woodland wedding venue at the height of summer. I’m expanding the use of my YouTube channel to include photo and film tutorials, general vlogs and wedding showcases. So drop by and if it takes your fancy, I’d be pumped, as they say, if you subscribed. Aim is to upload one new piece of film content a week for brides, grooms and photographers alike. News flash two; I’m opening a new studio in my home town this winter near Newbury to work on several new photographic projects but also offer up training. So if you’re a photographer keen on finding out more about the wedding business, trying to gain access to knowledge about the industry and the technical aspects of photographing weddings, then certainly subscribe here and also the YT channel for workshop dates. Better still drop me a line and I can add you to my mail list for upcoming courses.

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