A Vineyard wedding | Gren and Katie

The Vineyard at Stockcross; one of Berkshire’s treasures for foodies, wine lovers and those seeking a wedding experience with five star order. And if you’ll excuse the somewhat tenuous dovetailing, it’s the word order that inspires this blog post.

It’s not often that I absorb the words of an order of service and that’s not born of disinterest or indifference. Far from it; the day is usually an engaging journey where opportunity to read these oftimes carefully crafted pieces of art doesn’t really present itself. But as I sat at the back of the church on this dawning date of August, I was granted the time fortuitously by a vicar who had effectively given me a shot count. Around a dozen shots were permitted, although I’ll admit to stretching that with one eye on a verger who seemed armed with instruction to keep a wary eye over any gathering shutter toll. So, during an impressively rousing rendition of “I vow to thee,” I cast my eye across the pearlescent booklet that had been presented to guests at St. Michaels in Little Bedwyn, Berks.

At the back of the piece there were two passages chosen by groom and bride respectively; a lesson about love by Albert Einstein, whom I’d never considered scholarly in matters of the heart, after all here is a brilliant man who divorced his wife on St. Valentines Day. Though if you have a chance, read his theory of emotionally shaped relativity. Then a short exchange about love from the mouths of Piglet and Pooh and the mind of A.A. Milne.

Above the literary quotes, some additional words, this time only by Gren. An account of how he met his wife. I was going to repeat the affectionate paragraphs he penned word for word, but actually, I think the sound of their voices within this Photofilm does that far more eloquently. For me this is why a Photofilm is potent. The stills certainly recount Gren and Katie’s feelings, in particular during the speeches, but the sound, well that engages me in their story. It’s a film of stills from their wedding day, 2,235 days of courting later.

  • Martin Pemberton said:

    Just brilliant, as always

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