A Vineyard wedding and Andy Murray gets married, this time to Hannah!

Shameless opportunity to invite you to open a post, appallingly so, or is it? Well, no, not entirely. Andy Murray did indeed get married to Hannah at a venue called The Vineyard at Stockcross in Berkshire and it was over the summer during Wimbledon fortnight too. But this isn’t the Castore wearing, Head Graphene wielding Scot you may immediately associate with the moniker. Our Andy in this story does indeed sport a kilt and there were famous folk around him at the venue, although they were taking a break during filming of a certain celebrity food show, not the kind able to serve up 135mph woollen covered rubber balls over a 3 foot 6 inches high net. This, as you have by now worked through, is a different flavoured A.M. While we’re talking doubles (note a top spin return to tennis references) there are two notable quality Vineyard hotels in the world; one located in the shadow of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, and one firmly established sixty miles west of London, famed for its links to a Californian vineyard with a Michelin starred heritage and known to be a watering hole for those in the know who like their luxury and privacy away from the ‘familiar’ English country hotels. You come to The Vineyard because you like your food and wine, period. If I’m doing any disservice to the other reasons you may stay, such as luxury¬† accommodation, spa and service, then I apologise – but truthfully this is a place where your top trouser button can and should easily feel like it has tightened just a tad following a stay. I’ve eaten here professionally, if being fed whilst photographing counts as professional consumption and I’ve eaten and stayed as a guest. I’m yet to report less than satisfactory movement on the top trouser button. There you go, the kind of down to earth good grub guide you won’t get from those fancy food critics who consume a thesaurus as they chase Ambrosial adjectives. Of course a wedding isn’t just about food, so here are some of my favourites from Andy and Hannah’s Vineyard wedding, from start to finish. Or game, set and match, if you will.

A colour picture of The Vineyard Hotel in NewburyA mother being made up for her daughter's Vineyard weddingPicture of a mother proudly looking on in the background of a picture while her daughter is being made up by a MUA, Lorraine MilliganBlack and white picture of a make up artist applying make up to a brideBlack and white pictures of a wedding ceremony at The Vineyard Stockcross BerkshireColour photo of a bride and groom at The Vineyard Black and white photographs of the wedding breakfastColour image in the kitchens at The Vineyard hotel in BerkshireColour photo of wedding guests relaxing in the grounds at The VineyardColour photo of a bride and groom cutting their wedding cakeColour picture of wedding guests dancing at The Vineyard near Newbury

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