To plug or unplug? | 365:116 Under a watchful eye

It’s a subject I’ve blogged about before; unplugged weddings. Yesterday photographing a wedding at Rivervale Barn near Yateley, the registrar, during her pre-flight announcements suggested that guests could perhaps leave their phones in an unpowered condition and leave the job of photography to me. I’m never sure that I’m comfortable to be used as the excuse for any form of photographic ban, although I understand the idea being mooted by the celebrant. It was what she said next that intrigued me. Her suggestion was that the photographer’s job is to photograph the day and it is the guests’ job to feel the day. My eyebrow raised, I noted her comment. Because I think, or rather hope, that my job is to help those looking at the pictures I make, to feel the day too. Obviously not every frame carries an emotional current, but that’s what I’m there to find. A documentary wedding photographer has an enormous opportunity to share the feeling of a day. I often say to new photographers; “Take your foot off the motorwind gas, lower your camera, sense the mood of a scene and only raise your camera when you start to feel a story unfolding before you.”

Shot data: focal length 110mm, f2.8, 1/125, ISO 640

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