The thing about weddings | 31 Days in May #28

What do you do for a living then? It took me a good few years to be able to answer that question in undeterred veracity, the result really of my chosen occupation having a prefix, that being ‘wedding.’ See, I’ve met many talented chefs who upon meeting at a wedding venue will initially furnish me with a who’s who of famous personalty chefs they have cooked with or under and an equally impressive list of acclaimed restaurants they have served their wares in before I’ve even had a chance to become acquainted. And it’s the same with bands and singers. Same with magicians. And yes, the same with photographers too on occasion. “I am the wedding photographer,” sits uncomfortably for some who feel their offering is perhaps diluted, because it doesn’t lay claim to a different and far more important prefix like, fashion, or even war – and for whom Magnum agency membership can only be considered a distant dream. “31 Days in May,” has been about my own rolling genre affair with wedding photography. It’s a subject matter that has brought me the privilege of witnessing different cultures’ nuptial custom and some reasonably intense and intimate reportage. I have heard peers of mine refer to wedding photography as street photography which just happens to occur at someone’s wedding – and if that makes the shooter feel more comfortable with his or her lot on the world photographic stage, then so be it. It’s a good thing. I see my offering to the photographic community as social commentary. When I attend a wedding I want to feel like I am capturing legacy photographs which could, if sat within a time capsule, emerge one day as a strong and important narrative depicting wedding customs from a different time and century. Educational perhaps. So with a hopeful and not too clumsy or crass nod to a well worn phrase under the ownership of AA; “I’m Neale, and I’m a wedding photographer.” I’ll sign off today’s post with some really rather good performers, from the West End stage production of Jersey Boys – who for this night, but not limited to this night only, are equally happy to profess to being; the wedding singers.

Colour photographer of wedding singers

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