The state of your trousers | 365:143

In yesterday’s blog post I talked of an eminent professional photographer who’d mooted the fact he’d never produced a selfie despite his decades within the profession. I’m going to cite some advice proffered by a conflict photographer I met three years ago in today’s post. That guidance was aimed at those who employ photographers more than the artist really and it went along these lines; “I’d hire the photographer whose trousers have worn knees.” Aside a little flippancy, his message came across loud and clear. Too many photographers spend their time photographing on one plain; that of their standing height. I’m reasonably sure I’d been experimenting with plenty of differing photographic angles; shooting past arms, through church pew ends, over, through and under door openings etc, but his words underlined an ethos that’s vital if you want to find creative ways of photographing familiar story lines each week. This image practises that concept placing the groom’s eye line on my level. So yes, I’m on my knees shooting through a gap in the audience tracking the whites of his eyes as they fall upon his best man making a speech. The groom isn’t centred. There’s a deal of negative space and the shoot through context makes this feel as if it could have been captured through the eyes of a guest.

Shot data: focal length 85mm, f1.8, 1/125, ISO 2000

Black and white photo of a wedding speech from unusual camera angle

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