The Italian Job | Cain Manor wedding

At bedtime tonight my eldest asked what I thought he’d need to do to become an F1 driver. “Well now,” I thought. “At least we’ve moved on from YouTuber.” So I suggested the first thing that came to mind. “Press ups or a long plank,” I said. “Well, F1 drivers have to be fit don’t they?” He then outplanked me by a whole minute. He’s into cars is my eldest, has his own Instagram channel about them and all that jazz. So when I rolled up to the wedding of Dan and Sofia and found a near perfect condition Shelby Mustang GT500 as old as me, with Carroll Shelby’s original signature above the glove box trim as the ‘bridal transport’, I knew it was a story I could take back to our Jack. Hence we start this wedding blog post in rather unlikely fashion; a picture of a car. No emotion, bar the connection that Sofia, our bride, adores heritage muscle. And so does her Italian family. Italians ooze style and whilst I was surprised to see the Mustang horse emblem chosen above that of the Italian one that rides aboard a Ferrari, I have to admit, of all the cars I have seen at weddings, this one, this one, is the artistic automotive version of Night Watch or Guernica. But what has all this to do with a wedding at Cain Manor, I hear you ask? Passion. Italians are the living embodiment of the word. Italians embrace differently. Italians love differently. Italians dance differently. Lunga vita alla differenza.

A colour picture of a Shelby MustangA black and white picture of a bride embracing her mother before a weddingA colour picture of a bride embracing her fatherColour picture of the groom at a wedding waiting outside a church in HampshireColour photo of a bride arriving by Mustang carBlack and white photo of a bride being walked down the aisleBlack and white picture of a bride and groom being emotional during their church weddingA bride signing the register in churchA colour picture of a bride and groom leaving churchColour photo of Cain Manor made by wedding photographer Neale JamesA bride and groom at Cain Manor kissing Speeches at Cain ManorA groom makes his speech at Cain Manor in SurreyGuests at a Cain Manor weddingA bride and groom cutting a cake at Bijou wedding venueDancing at Cain ManorMonochrome picture of a bride dancing with her father at Cain Manor

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