The ABC of love | 365:115 Under a watchful eye

This week’s theme, ‘Under a watchful eye’ focuses upon those photographs that capture the moment where eyes meet. Not with me, but with a loved one, at a wedding. I spend what seems, an inordinate amount of time of a Saturday photographing people during moments where otherwise they would quite easily and legally be able to request what exactly I was doing making images during these super intimate times. And thereby rests my case for photographing within the genre of documentary wedding photography. If you were to chart an emotional bar graph during a wedding day, it would surely host irrational peaks and troughs that are simply impossible to predict. That, is the reason I think, no, I know, I keep coming back for more. Weddings hand a photographer the opportunity to record important historical moments. These are family moments and they may not bless the pages of the world’s Sunday periodicals, but they are, never the less, precious pictorial trinkets for families across an increasingly shrinking world. This is an American mother of an American bride, wedding her English groom in the home counties. What her daughter won’t have seen, until this picture is presented, is the absolute and unswerving delight and love this mother has for her on this considerably important day.

Shot data: focal length 24mm, f1.4, 1/125, ISO 800

A black and white picture of a mother staring at her daughter on her wedding day

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