That feeling | 365:159

Today I’m revealing two scenarios, same day mind, to showcase like minded moments. Shooting weddings as a photographer is a great people watching exercise. Photojournalism is by its very nature an opportunity to observe without interfering, to record emotion or a subject in such a way that as a viewer, you receive an understanding of what the day was like, how a moment passed or what overall feeling the event being photographing had. As the morning preparations grew in intensity, as the time to leave for church drew closer, the bride was asked how she was feeling and this was the reaction. On this occasion it was the make up artist asking the question. There’s an argument of course to suggest a true photojournalist would not ask such a question, as the very nature of my prompt would change the reality of a moment. But I’ll be honest, I have asked the very same, so that I may extract a frame that reveals emotion such as nerves, excitement or a simple smile. I try not to over communicate though, if at all, as I want to traverse quietly through the scenes of a day – it works better that way for me.

A black and white photograph captured at Botleys Mansion as the bride prepares for her wedding day

The second image in this loose diptych reveals a wonderful mirror, in terms of that release I often see as brides and grooms steady themselves for the emotion that lies beyond. This is made in the church just shy of an hour later from the first picture and of course there is no communication from anyone to trigger this response, merely the moment of realisation this is it, this is what all the planning and expectation has been for and about.

Colour picture of the moment a groom realises the significance of the day standing before the alter with his wife

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