Spontaneity | 365:45

I was looking at some pictures today by a (forgive the pun) fledgling wildlife photographer whose work boasts a maturity I see rarely in shooters so early into their elected genre. He does however harbour equal interests in applying his skills to wedding photography. I posed a question; “And you want to shoot weddings because?” My question wasn’t to denigrate my own genre, but simply to underline just how good his wildlife work is; that time spent on anything other than nature could deprive the photographic community of his developing sublime skills. But I think I can see a parallel in wildlife and weddings and perhaps a reason, if not the reason for his decision to embrace both categories. There is a spontaneity to both that is pictorially delicious. This facet alone certainly drives my own fervor to create imagery and seek photographic stories. So to this picture. In Rye, a near coastal town in East Sussex, there is a tradition at the local town hall that dictates the town crier announce a wedding to all who will listen, guests and public alike. And here is Rex, town crier for many a year in full swing, parodied by our bride behind him. Okay, so it’s not a majestic chase scene across the Serengeti, but the spontaneity to this composition is reward enough in the photographic genre of weddings, for which I’m a paid up member.

Exif: focal length 24mm, f2.8, 1/800, ISO 100

Picture of the town crier at Rye in East Sussex

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