Some thoughts about drones | 365:161

When I was training to gain my commercial qualification for operating drones, one mantra more than any other was consistently expressed, nee preached; ‘Thou shalt not fly one’s machine directly above un-briefed public gatherings.” I’m pretty sure the risk assessment requirement for drones weighing far shy of an evening’s supply of bagged supermarket ready meals was equally, if not more demanding than that of a full sized rotary cousin with permission to land on publicly accessible land anywhere within the four corners of our green and sceptered isle. Airport near misses and various privacy eye raiser missions have all helped to create a belief that nothing good will ever come from one of these ‘toys.’ I didn’t end up using my drone at weddings. It was too much of a distraction and the permissions required to fly would challenge all but the least faint hearted at Dublin’s finest airline. I have relinquished my sky policing and accepted these super agile reasonably stable platforms are now accessible to any guest. Trouble is, guests don’t usually read the small print of what is and is not legally acceptable. This for instant is not. But, and as an observer minus my obligations I’m there to record a unique and dynamic angle of operations.

Shot data: focal length 24mm, f2.8, 1/1600, ISO 100

Colour photo of a drone above people at a wedding!

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