Skylight | 365:32

Signature images. They’re important to any photographer. Personally they provide an insight into how I like to photograph, stylistically, technically and emotively. This certainly is one of my more precious compositions in terms of that tag. Firstly following the theme of window light for the week, it’s a naturally lit photograph, illuminated by a skylight or velux. The light falls off briskly and dramatically, so much so that the bed in the background does not dominate the composition, but is a soft feature of the picture. This available light source equally folds around the arms of the bride’s mother as she gifts a family heirloom to her daughter. There’s a natural vignette occurring. Emotionally it sings. And forgive me for sounding a little over poetic, but the soft nature of this light and the story unfolding, makes this for me, a signature of how I try to approach every wedding.

Exif: f1.4, 1/250, ISO 100 under-exposed by a two thirds of a stop

A colour photo of a bride during the last moments of make up, receiving jewellery

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