Shotkit feature | the Fujifilm gear I use for weddings

Shotkit wrote earlier this week to let me know of my inclusion in their website photographer’s kit directory. If you’re a bride or groom reading this post, my inclusion in arguably the most visited gear site online may not be of immediate interest, save the fact it demonstrates there are folk out there in this vast photographic and picture making business who have shown interest in how I work and what I use. And that alone feels favourably complimentary. Photographers are often accused of having GAS; gear acquiring syndrome. My GAS seems to manifest itself in buying far too many kit bags, although I haven’t purchased one for a year now; so I could have found the cure. But there’s always a gizmo isn’t there? Something you feel could elevate you to the next level of whatever it is you do. And Shotkit kind of fuels that. I can spend many an hour ‘researching’ pages and kit layouts of those I find truly inspirational. Being a part of this site is an invitation event and though you can submit, it’s considered better to be asked to contribute; there’s an element of kudos in that. And I’m humbled too, truly I am, to sit alongside some powerful hitters from others genres such as sport, marine, fashion, music, news and photojournalism. From that latter field it’s rather sobering to peek into the bag of a pictorial story teller such as Alex Kühni who specialises in dangerous news assignments. I carry earbuds to keep camera eyepieces clean and wipe away grit and sand if I’m working on the coast. Alex carries a bullet and stab proof vest, ballistic helmet and tourniquet medic kit. I’ve not yet found a wedding challenging enough to require my investment in that level of protection. Well, there was once this wedding in Surrey… but I digress. So for photographers reading this post and I know there’s an inevitable element because we’re all a tiny bit intrigued by what our peers are getting up to, it’s worth a visit. I won’t give the full rundown of what I use and how I use it, head on over to Shotkit at this link to read more. I’m right chuffed as they say in northern quarters to be included, but equally it’s fascinating to see what other image makers take to the party when they show up each day at their ‘office.’

Colour picture of the Fujifilm kit I use to photograph weddings

  • Hi Nikita, yes indeed I do... though it's harder to teach the finer side of audio editing... I can do an overview of kit, style, how to mic, where to mic, what sort of things I'm listening for, and how I take this to edit... that kind of thing. Drop me an email through the contact page... would be happy to help.

  • Hi Neale, thanks for sharing this great kit! Through you and a terrific sound of the Fujicast I'm starting to explore the audio side of weddings :-)
    But the question I have is about extension tubes. Do you use them often?

    • Well the audio side is where it doubles in interest for me, because I often think this is the precious side so many couples perhaps overlook when looking for wedding photographers, and even videographers. What was said is a complete gift and as the years go by, being able to recall what a bride's father actually said and in which way he said it, or a gem from the groom and so on... well, that's so important. You can't bottle memories like that unless you actually record them. Right extension tubes... I've used them now and then yes, but not presently. I don't own any at present. If it's macros, right now I'm favouring the 60mm lens.

      • :-D Perfect answer. Short and to the point :-)

        Now seriously. You are absolutely right about it. It takes a while though to realize how important the words are. Most importantly, there is a ton of resources dedicated to making better photos (there is even kind of social network for photos if I recall correctly:-), but the sound exist in a kind of other reality. It is a reality of radio, movies and, lately, podcasts. Do you provide a sound-centered training? (Maybe even over the Internet)?

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