Shameless, frankly shameless | 365:156

Two pictures today as the 365. Yesterday’s piece was called, ‘An admission.’ And perhaps to an extent, this could have been the admission, part two. I’ve worked with and photographed a humble number of faces that are recognisable. Perhaps it says something about the maturity of my vocation that in the most, these notable aspects are fathers and mothers of the bride or groom and not the key players in this love story. But still, it’s been a lesson. For O level English, elevator to a past educational period, I studied ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ For those who have read this you’ll be familiar with act 3 scene 1; ‘If you prick us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?’ and so on. I know I know, there is a far wider context to this piece, but I do think of fathers of the bride when I think of this lesson. Whether you’re the former national squad manager with a legacy of one of England’s most loved and greatest strikers, a national broadcasting treasure or a Dad who teachers first graders their initial strides into a playground of opportunity, we’re all the same. We’re wired for emotion. You can hold it in, try to hide it. Deny it even as part of your primal impulse. But actually if you embrace your feelings, you’re a millionaire every time.

A colour picture of a father with his daughter on her wedding day

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