Scale | 31 Days in May #25

Following a post earlier during the week, I wanted to expand on the theme of introducing scale within photography. Placing your subject/s small within a wide panavista can be a powerful way of introducing the scale of a scene or awe-inspiring backdrop. I often see American photographers use this method well when photographing couples against a backdrop of say The Rockies [insert other countries, other incredible vistas]. Scale can be used well too when considering the little ones at a wedding. This picture is a case in point for sure, excuse the Americanism. I like their interaction. It’s a gentle composition and a fine opportunity to introduce the scale and maturity of the grounds around them. It’s, for me anyway, a double take shot for the bride and groom. It introduces landscape into a collection whilst serving as a portrait too. Their guests, their page boy in particular, just taking five minutes away from the business of the day. It’s a wide angle lens choice, in this case 24mm, to take advantage of the larger scene. There’s a kind of symmetry involved too. I’m one for symmetry. The tree is my mid mirror point, with an unused second bench offering a little, if not tenuous, reflection. We’re heading briskly to the tail end of the month now. Thank you for your emails in particular, the welcome occasional blog comment and social media remarks too. All comments and thoughts are entered into the end of the month draw to win champers and wall art.

Colour photograph of a Silchester House wedding - guests relaxing next to the trees

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