Round Chapel Wedding Photographs | Music and light!

There are those times as a wedding blogger, that you don’t necessarily want to make the two hundred and fifty word target Google, or is it Yoast suggest is the optimal figure to aim for, when writing copy for search engines to get excited about. I am that thrilled about this wedding at the Round Chapel in London’s east end, that I simply want to upload a stack of pictures to show what a great day and evening we all had. And I purposely say ‘we,’ it’s not just in the Royal sense. So, here are some highlights from Paul and Surendra’s big day – and it was, just that.

A colour photo of the Round Chapel in London being prepared for a wedding Colour photograph of Round Chapel in London as guests take their seats for a weddingColour picture of a groom and groom at a wedding in LondonA husband embraces his husband at a wedding in London's Round Chapel Large reveal picture of the Round Chapel laid for a wedding in London Colour picture of Surendra making his speech to Paul at their weddingColour photo of wedding speeches of a civil wedding ceremony in LondonPowerful natural light picture of a drag artist performing at a wedding

  • Ken Chetwynd said:

    Wow! The emotion that you captured, the beauty of the venue, and your wonderful use of available light make this one of my favorites from your blog. Again, WOW!

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