Rivervale Barn photographer | Wedding 365#154

Per sae you could rightly argue that this image doesn’t necessarily sing wedding photojournalism. However, as a reportage wedding picture it sits within a run of early evening photographs that sequentially show guests arriving, the general atmosphere building and the sun falling, hence that beautiful and very natural flare. Shooting into the sun is a preoccupation of mine. When I revisit the shooting data I can see that the pushed limits very nearly popped uncomfortably enough to fail me, though I suspect such a high ISO demand was based upon the images immediately before, that showed me capturing images in a dark corner of the bar. As for flare, I love the energy the effect promotes. This lens body combo helps me deliver this kind of composition with a degree of ease that before I had not encountered. A 5D3 and 24mm, probably now my favourite marriage.


SHOOTING DATA: Canon 5DMk3, EF24mm, F1.4, 1/8000, ISO 2500, exposure compensation +1

  • Thanks Lesley for that. I think without the flare and intrigue it probably wouldn't have made the cut, as it is in essence peoples' backs. It's the fact they're rushing in to take part in something and the extreme lighting that draws the eye, as you say. Kindest, Neale

  • Love this image Neale, it looks like they are all surging to see something and being female and inherently inquisitive it makes me really want to know what it is! I also love a bit of sunflare myself so pleased to see it used here, it's made what could have been an ok image a really good one!

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