Pictures that ask questions | 365:96

There are those pictures in a portfolio I come back to that have me linger and ask; “What was the story here?” This is certainly one. I remember the wedding well. Notley Abbey, Kristian and Mark, eighty or so guests, June, mild day, a little over-cast, dabs of sun. I remember one of the readings inspired me to make a bespoke short Photofilm about some words I’d not previously heard used at a wedding before during a ceremony. View that film through this link. But can I remember what this prayer was being said for? I think, I think, it was about the weather. Or was it a cast wish for all the guests to have a good day? Pictures that inspire to inquire are important at a wedding.

Shot data: focal length 85mm, f1.4, 1/2500, ISO 100, under-exposed by a third of a stop

Colour photo of a groom praying for good weather before the ceremony

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