The wedding dress. One word; context | 365:153

Wedding dress pictures. Straight off the bat, I’d like it known that though I may not feature a lot of detail pictures across the galleries of this website, I do appreciate that detail of the day is still precious. The trinkets that¬†conspire to showcase this as a wedding are important. I choose to display photographs that sing about the feelings of a day and pictures of rings or cologne don’t really do that, well not as loudly anyway. But, and to contradict myself to a degree, detail is still part of the story. If you can frame that detail within the composition though, that’s a perfect result. The picture can then speak the language of a wedding without it being too contrived.

Shot data: focal length 35mm, f2, 1/160, ISO 200

Colour photograph of a bride having make up applied with her dress in the foreground

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