My father’s eyes | 365:114 Under a watchful eye

Our two young sons are but wee bairns, so it will be a while until, Whomever Willing, I get to witness one of our boys repeating vows. I’m not sure whether it’s a product of my fatherly state, but I do have an empathetic focus for fathers. This week’s 365 theme following the topic of a watchful eye, I’d like to share this, from a wedding shot earlier this month. We’re within five minutes of ‘the off’ and the groom’s father casts an approving pleased eye in the direction of his son. It’s a photograph that says; “All’s well. We did good, didn’t we?” Well, that’s what I see at any rate.

Shot data: focal length 29mm, f2.8, 1/125, ISO 3200

Colour photograph of a father watching his son at a wedding in Farnham Castle

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