Mummy Daddy, why were you laughing? | 365:154

Questions in pictures. I don’t think every photograph should necessarily tell a long deep meaningful narrative. Actually in terms of wedding photography, the simple record images form a staple of the overall collection. But here and there and in good measure if you search well and opportunity presents, stand out moments can result in the viewer asking a question. I think this is one. Why are they laughing? If I could gather both the laughers and the protagonist in the same frame, I’d be thrilled. The fact is I couldn’t or can’t, so the reaction is all I can gather for now. Why are they laughing? Look at the picture and you can complete the virtual speech bubble. Though I will say. Below the picture.

A colour photo of a couple laughing because a horse is making a noise during the reading

The reason. It’s mid ceremony. Directly opposite the couple a reader is delivering his lines, eloquently I’m sure. Except. Except for the fact that as he talks, a horse, the other side of the wall you can view, is neighing. Loudly. Very loudly. And only as the reader reads. If the reader stops, so does the horse. It’s contagious laugh. The kind of laugh that hopefully one day will raise the question; Mummy Daddy, why were you laughing?

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