Kissing the light | 365:94

“Why don’t you use flash?” It’s often a question posed by guests at a wedding. I usually suggest in response that you look for light to gently kiss the subject you’re photographing and you can discount the need to mount zenty-someything candela of power on the hot shoe of your camera body. Light from windows, shadow play – that kind of thing. This is an example of such a composition. The bridesmaid having her make-up applied is close to a window and the fall-off of that available light is reasonably rapid as you can see by the wall behind her. Had I flashed this scene, the resultant picture would have been reasonably flat with everything illuminated in equal measure. I like to digitally process in a contrasty style; my blacks being black and whites being, well, you get the idea – it’s certainly not a salad of grey. And letting the subject get gently kissed by the available light, with sharp fall off either side of the composition, allows me the opportunity to present my pictures in this style.

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