Just a dash of light | 365:152

So here’s some photographic thoughts, but for brides reading this, some thoughts as to how light works for you during the process of make up application. Window light can provide a superb quality and quantity of light. Windows equally shape light well. In this example a narrow window positioned slightly to the right of the bride’s face is bearing a soft quality of light that falls gradually off as it shapes around her face from left to right. Photographically I hear angels singing! In terms of light quantity, she’s not flooded, so photographically this presents a super opportunity to record a softer tonal range of colours or shades. Note how the background is several stops lower in terms of light striking any walls or features. This means that the bride’s face is isolated within the composition. Not always the effect you may be seeking, but here I think it works well. Now, I’m not a make up artist, so I’m not sure how this form of soft shaped light either helps or hinders the application of powders, creams and potions. But I will say this, positioning yourself close to a good soft light source is far better than finding a dark corner of a room with just a standard lamp as radiant friend. It may seem obvious, but look for the light when you enter the room you’ll be making up in.

Shot data: focal length 85mm, f1.2, 1/5000, ISO 1600, under-exposed by two thirds of a stop

A black and white picture to demonstrate the power of window light

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