It’s all so quiet | 365:10

As Bjork said. Twenty three years ago. Two decades? Surely not. A very good friend of mine, Kevin, who also photographs these incredible life events has a feature within his own blog called ‘Why I like this picture.’ And had he not originally coined that title, that really that could have been the heading to this post. Why do I like it? I like it because it’s such a levelling picture in terms of the ‘calm before the storm.’ It’s leaning toward the posed feel for sure and I champion an unobtrusive approach to wedding photography within this site. I stepped into this frame, to assume the mantel of human mirror. There are few moments, perhaps only one during the day where you’re in such a quiet place you can hear yourself draw breath, and this is just such a moment.

Exif: f1.2, 1/800, ISO 320 under-exposed by 1/3 of a stop

Colour photograph of a bride at Notley Abbey posing in a mirror

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