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So what to make of a preacher who is described as a hip hop artist from Bath? I’ve been meaning to ‘pen’ a few words since I photographed him deliver the sermon at Mike and Sian’s wedding at St.Peter’s Church in the quaintly titled Englishcombe, a sheep’s bah echo from what I regard as the most beautiful spa city in Europe. Google Joshua Luke Smith, and you’ll come up with a plethora of information about this wandering missionary who has birth roots in England, though grew up spreading the word in Northern Pakistan and Canada. Spend but two minutes in his presence and you too will be completely perplexed by his accent. Spend two minutes on his Instagram account, and you too will wish you could be as cool as this dude, well, I did at any rate. But this preacher, I’m not even sure if that’s the right and proper description of his day to day dealings, is also a singer, a record label exec, and activist for positive social change, a slam poet and a communicator like, well, like, nothing I have ever heard in Church, period. And I’ve been to a few of these establishments in my 800 weddings of photography. Now I’m acutely aware there are preachers and clergy of all denominations who may well have something to say about my rather grand statement, so let me be clear. I’m not creating a league table of who spreads the word best, simply reporting back on something I witnessed as I looked around to record the awe and wonder of those poised slightly forward on their pews this afternoon as they drank in Joshua’s words. And don’t take this as a platform from which I intend to preach or spread the word either, for I, like many, have their own questions-a-plenty when it comes to faith and my own relationship with what some perceive as a behemothic organisation. But there’s something really very special about spirituality of whatever persuasion and understanding, when you listen to words delivered with such compassion.  So what I thought I’d do today by way of a PodBlog (the sounds of a Podcast, the pictures in a blog post) is share a little of the audio I recorded that day. Listen along as you look at the photographs and I’d welcome your thoughts in the comments. Oh, and a quick postscript; hearing him ‘noodle’ with Ben the musician who had only really expected to be playing some accompanying Celine-esqe chords during the register signing, made the whole thing really come to life for me. As they say, just press play. 🙂

Joshua Luke Smith in a colour picture preachingColour picture of a preacher in Englishcombe Church delivering sermon to a weddingColour pictures of a sermon near Bath being delivered by Joshua Luke SmithA colour photo of Joshua Luke Smith preaching in Church


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