I am reminded | 365:106

I am constantly reminded by what I photograph before me, how precious the genre of wedding photography can be. It may not have the allure of fashion shooting, to some. It may not exude the excitement of high octane sports photography, to some. It may not be considered life changing photojournalism, to some. But to me, documentary wedding photography as a genre is particularly precious. I heard an expression on the radio over the weekend and I’m sorry I can’t credit or remember the purveyor of this particular life gem, but I was driving at the time. The voice on the wireless suggested that he was a; “Great consumer of life.” And I think wedding photography works along these lines. I too, am a great consumer of life and by that I don’t mean ‘saggy around the waist,’ though I could probably run far more often than I do currently. I mean that I watch vigorously those around me. I consume what people say and do. I’m fascinated by life’s narrative and wedding imagery gifts me a licence to photograph people during intimate and important times of their lives. I am reminded every time I watch a couple exchange vows that often I am the only one in the room that can see the whites of their eyes and meaning in their expression. Their backs often turned to guests, it’s my job to show them and their loved ones, and loved ones to be of course, what this day meant. I am reminded that that’s a pretty big deal.

Shot data: focal length 85mm, f1.4, 1/250, ISO 100, over-exposed by a third of a stop

Colour photo of a couple having a wedding at Wasing Park

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