How low can you go? | 365:150

Challenging camera angles. Going low gives me a chance to meld in with guests, particularly during the pivotal documentary opportunity provided by wedding speeches. I’m often asked by videographers in particular where I may be standing during this time. For film makers, the idea of planting one’s tripod like a flag claiming territory is not simply a statement of intent, it’s a technical requirement to avoid camera shake. The joy of employing a stills approach means I can answer that question with a knowing shrug and suggestion that I’ll simply go where the best compositions present themselves. I’ll certainly not be standing in front of a video’s camera angle on sticks, as I want to keep moving, keep searching, keep seeking angles that reveal the day often from the kind of aspect that’s seemingly a guest’s viewpoint.

Shot data: focal length 50mm, f1.8, 1/160, ISO 2500, under-exposed by one third of a stop

Colour photograph of photography during the wedding speeches from a low camera angle

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