Photographic storytelling at a Highclere Castle wedding

Without doubt, Highclere Castle is a magnificent building, and I did record a number of ‘straight’ facade shots for the bride and groom, although I chose the below image as my favourite ‘venue’ shot from this Highclere Castle wedding.

Why? Well, for me, as a documentary wedding photographer, I’m always aiming to tell the story of the day, and so this shot is so much more interesting and relevant than a straight shot of the Castle.

Can you imagine Downton Abbey without the Crawleys? No! And in the same vein, a wedding venue, no matter how grand, simply doesn’t have the same gravitas in terms of storytelling as one where it shows you it’s hosting a wedding.

This photograph, complete with guests, provides a storytelling landscape. Bride and groom have departed and guests are making their way to the car park.

I shoot quite wide open and the sun is up and at me, but apart from having to ride the shutter speed slightly, it’s returned minus any requirement for supplementary lighting.

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Wedding guests walking away from Highclere Castle

SHOOTING DATA: 5DMk2, 24mm, F1.6, 1/600, ISO 125, underexposed by two thirds

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