Great Fosters | Chris and Amanda’s wedding

Great Fosters in July; you’d think the weather would play it’s part, transmitting unbridled warmth and uninterrupted sunshine upon an English summer wedding at that time of year. It seems somewhat appropriate that as I write these words of meteorological review in early October, my office window is being struck by sideways orientated rods of sharp rain, the kind of unrelenting downpour that has me reaching for the weather proofed Northface just to collect something from the car but metres away. This was, as you are gathering, not the friendliest sky to welcome wedding celebrations over the past year. I maintain though that weather doesn’t make a great wedding, guests do. The weather was then, most certainly a feature of the day and I’m not a photographer to hide that observation. Did it change the nature and emotion of Chris and Amanda’s excitable day at one of England’s most historic houses, Great Fosters? Not. At. All.

As a post script, I’m attaching some pictures of the incredibly ingenious upside down cake and it’s stand. Chris was at pains to suggest during his groom’s speech that he hadn’t contributed to the wedding in terms of preparations quite to the tune of his wife. That may be said, but as he spoke I glanced to the back of the banqueting room. He may not have baked the cake, but the stand, it’s design and carefully crafted construction? Well, that was a groom’s production. Now I think that must earn brownie points, surely?

A colour picture of a wedding upside down cake, being cut by the couple

  • Great lighting skills. Your flash shots almost look like natural light :)

  • Jonathan Waterman said:

    I just came across your website, and I thought I would have a look at your portfolio, all I can say is wow! Creativity, Professionalism and Style. I Look forward to working with you soon.

    Jonathan Waterman

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