Gherkin London wedding photography

It’s not the tallest at 41 floors, but lurching up through an urban business district cityscape, The Gherkin as a wedding venue in London is I am sure, one of those bucket list ticks for a wedding photographer. The conically converging glass across the two event spaces at the summit provides a style and quality of light unmatched by pretty much everything else I have encountered as a wedding photographer across the fifteen years I have shot these unique days. Sure, if the sun geographically dips low in the sky, you can encounter some interesting exposure problems to solve, but that in itself is equally a further delight about photographing this location, as you find yourself playing exquisite shadow games. So, what The Gherkin may lack in manicured lawns and mature landscaping (even Capability Brown would have struggled here,) it makes up for with a myriad of photographic gifts, not least the incredible views of what I still believe to be one of the most stunning historic capitals in the world. Besides, just a stone’s throw from the entry doors back down on terra firma, as you’ll see from the collection below, there’s scope to make some more traditionally styled images, if as a wedding photographer, formal portraits are a part of your act. I’m a hybrid in that respect, hybrid being the in word it seems right now. Whilst most of my day is spent photographing the reality of a day rather than contrived group shots, there’s always time it seems for a handful of portraits and as long as you cross the road; security and landmark rules forbid photography at ground level within the architectural footprint of The Gherkin. Congratulations Robin, Rebecca. It was a pleasure to be there for you both right to the very end, when the shoes came off and the real dancing was witnessed.

Colour picture of The GherkinColour photo of a bride in London having makeup applied before her weddingColour pictures of the restaurant at the top of The Gherkin prior to a weddingColour photos of a bride entering The Gherkin for her wedding ceremonyColour photos of The Gherkin during a ceremonyA wedding reception in the afternoon at The GherkinPictures of speeches during a wedding reception at The Gherkin Two colour photos of The Gherkin at a wedding with a bridal couple

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