Get on your feet! | 345:157

Today, a piece about photographing in church – seeking different angles to tell that well visited story. As Gloria Estefan sang in 1990, “Get on your feet!” Is it really 28 years since that song was a chart success? It seems like only yesterday! When I were a lad my Dad would have talked about Bing Crosby and Frankie Laine songs as being like only yesterday and I’d scoff at the thought and jokingly ask if the world was still in black and white back then; a time when television was in absolute infancy, when flying to Australia took almost a week and Spurs football players queued outside my Grandfather’s tobacco shop in North London to pick up their Players Navy Cut prior to a match. I digress completely. Get on your feet was really supposed to be a rousing call to move more during wedding photography when you can. It’s all too easy as a photographer to find your safe position in church, or the one that’s been dealt by a priest or rules bound verger. But there are times I think you can throw a little caution to the wind as long as you don’t go and spoil the view for ‘paying customers.’ The proclamation is one such moment you can move and, as with this picture, I’ve travelled the aisle and knelt on the floor. I’m no longer distracting those behind me, and the lower angle presents a sense of energy when you look at the context of the photograph.

Shot data: focal length 70mm, f2.8, 1/160, ISO 1600

A colour photo of the bride and groom as they are announced husband and wife

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