Amy & Roland’s Gate Street Barn wedding

Gate Street Barn weddings are, from my experience of photographing them, stylish, exuberant celebrations. Amy & Roland’s wedding day was certainly not exception to this unwritten rule, and in producing this Photofilm of sounds and still images from their day I was keen to reflect the ebullient nature of their wedding by sharing a somewhat unique narrative approach provided by best man and brother of the groom. Certainly his introduction is an original concept which I hope will remain unparodied.

In producing these Photofilms, I tend to spend an hour or so revisiting images from a day, immersing myself in the event once again, which helps me to then choose a soundtrack for the film, and indeed a tone for the edit. Was it elegant and romantic, or vibrant and energetic? Were the speeches Gwyneth-Paltrow-Oscar-acceptance-esque, or slightly lower key? What I’m trying to illustrate is that¬†despite initial similarities between occasions, no two wedding Photofilms could ever truly be the same.

But I digress a little from the purpose of this post, and that is simply to share with you my latest Photofilm, including that aforementioned Best Man speech. Oh, and one final thing. If you’re yet to decide upon caterers for your wedding reception, I’ll leave you with a suggestion for Kalm Kitchen. In the words of my 6 year old son; “That food is awesome!”.

If you’ve shortlisted Gate Street Barn as a possible venue for your celebrations, or if you’ve already reserved a date there, I’d love to hear from you if you’re thinking about a documentary approach to photography, and perhaps even the idea of a Photofilm. You can drop me a line via the contact form on the main menu, and if you’d like to view more of my imagery, please do take a moment to take a scroll through the wedding gallery.

  • Josef said:

    Great production! Great images! Felt like I was there enjoying myself!

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