Sneaking away from a Farnham Castle wedding

As I looked through the images Neale downloaded from a recent Farnham Castle wedding, one in-particular jumped out at me, though surprisingly there’s not a bride, groom or indeed castle in sight!

It was the below shot that captured my attention, initially as I had to double take to see what Neale had actually photographed. A lovely scenic shot, though not perhaps as majestic as you’d expect from a castle, there’s interesting cloud formation and I like the way the tree creates a frame for the image. But it’s only when I looked again that my attention was drawn towards the little boy, skulking out of frame, and I smiled as I imagined one of our two young sons doing exactly the same during a wedding reception.

I also enjoy the unusual composition of this image. Cropped ‘in camera’ with the little lad in the corner, it makes me feel as though he’s sneaking off. Having grabbed a balloon he’s heading off somewhere. A lone ranger, who’s destination remains unknown. The fact he’s looking straight at camera makes me engage further with the image, and I’m sat here, still wondering, where he was heading, ‘Just Married’ balloon in tow.

If you’re planning a Farnham Castle wedding, or would like to enquire about documentary wedding photography for your celebrations, we’d be delighted to hear from you via the contact form on the main menu. Alternatively, if you’d like to view more of Neale’s wedding photography or Photofilms, please click through to the galleries.

Page boy sneaks away from a wedding reception at Farnham Castle

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