Farnham Castle wedding | Rob and Ffiona

To celebrate their wedding reception at Farnham Castle overlooking this historic town in Surrey, guests flew in from Hong Kong, Houston, Miami, Andorra, Shanghai, Venezuela, Singapore, Ireland, and the Med. So, if as the saying goes; ‘love knows no boundaries,’ it certainly can leave a carbon footprint.

This is Rob and Ffiona’s Wedding Photofilm, which has a few twists and turns, stylistically speaking. I started championing an original style of photographic slideshow nearly four years ago, where the sounds of a day were subtly arranged within a playback of stills. I wanted to stretch the concept of photographic slideshows and breathe in a little modernity. So using skills honed whilst working in radio broadcasting, I began to embrace the sound recordings of a day to make these Wedding Photofilms. Each year now, more than half our couples opt to include a Photofilm in their service.

Of course it wasn’t too long before other ‘original’ Wedding Photofilm makers emerged from the creative woodwork inspired by this form of capture, so I’ve always been aware that maintaining ownership of being the original proponent, I had to keep introducing fresh ideas. Rob and Ffiona’s day gave me a chance to play a little more with the title sequence thanks to a canvas painted gift Rob gave his wife. It also features narration, which is as it stands today a true USP, though not used in every film.

About the short animated sequence you’ll see within the first minute. I recently listened to a Desert Island Discs episode featuring Oliver Postgate, responsible for the cartoon matrix of my childhood; shows such as Ivor the Engine. There was an animated staccato rhythm to how the late Postgate presented these magical short programmes, and there’s no accident that shortly after listening to the programme, I was inspired to create a fifteen second ‘Postgate’ of my own.

If you’ve fallen in love with Farnham Castle and enjoy a documentary approach to photography and Photofilms, I’d love to hear from you via the contact form on the main menu. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with Rob & Ffiona’s celebrations, and if you enjoy their film, please do leave your thoughts via the comments box!

  • Joelle said:

    What a beautiful wedding video! So heartwarming!

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