Elmore Court Wedding | Aniket and Russell’s Photofilm

Elmore Court, Gloucestershire. As an English country home, it’s certainly beautiful; a Grade 2 listed mansion; without doubt the stuff of chocolate box England and the classic Englishman’s Castle. As a wedding venue, Elmore Court is remarkable on many levels. It has the kind of family history that heritage tourists salivate over. It’s enveloped by lush green fields, decorated with magnificent mature trees, where echoes of grazing flocks of sheep complete the sound of the countryside. Shut your eyes and you won’t even hear distant traffic’s faint murmur. But within this stately home, a party is brewing, in a house that claims 740 year old roots. It’s history is now Aniket and Russell’s history. There’s nothing very sleepy about Elmore Court tonight as the Photofilm and accompanying wedding pictures will show. My congratulations Aniket, Russell. I’ve gotten to know the boys very well over the past three, four, is it possibly five years? I’ve photographed them as a couple in London and told their story pictorially; how they met and their personal journeys to reach this important point. Their friendship circle includes guests whose own weddings I have shot. It was practically a reunion and one in which I was introduced to couples’ children, the next chapter in their adventures. I know it’s often proposed that a couple should pause in impromptu fashion during their day, to observe and survey all that is going on around them, to breathe in this auspicious occasion and appreciate what an incredible privilege it is to be with friends and family who want to share this story. I equally found myself doing the same on Aniket and Russell’s big day. For one fleeting moment during the afternoon, in each corner seemingly of my eye’s composition, there appeared to be a couple for whom the privilege had equally been extended to me to document their own precious days, a momentary compilation of what for now is my life’s vocation. Aniket, Russell, I look forward to the next chapter in your wonderful story.

A set of three colour pictures showing Elmore Court Wedding VenueGrooms preparing for their wedding day in this photographA black and white compilation of groomsmen preparing at Elmore Court for a weddingGrooms at Elmore Court by the GillyflowerPictures of a wedding ceremony starting at Elmore Court in GlosColour photograph of two grooms exchanging rings at Elmore Court A colour picture of people dancing in the Gillyflower at Elmore Court

  • Janet said:

    Amazing images great story telling

  • Clare said:

    Beautiful photos captured every precious moment of the wedding.

  • Nicola said:

    Awesome post, so many images I love.

  • Nichola said:

    It`s amazing! Very beautiful photos! Awesome!

  • Dan said:

    These are amazing! Epic photos and so colourful!

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