Elmore Court wedding | Alex and Kathryn

Elmore Court; a venue I’ve not photographed at before. I’ve fortuitously got a couple of weddings lined up for the next year or so at Elmore, though the analogous bus routine seems a trifle inappropriate when writing about a house with such history. If you watch the Photofilm you’ll understand a little more about it’s heritage and equally learn, as I did when I visited earlier this year, how earth can be made to shape the most incredible building to play host to banquet receptions and dancing. It’s just occurred to me that I watched a programme about Elmore Court on the BBC recently as it’s owners faced locals in a planning dispute as their wedding venue intentions were deemed to ‘threaten’ the deafening silence of peace across a Gloucestershire valley; loud parties and all that. That’s what the earthen building is about. As a side note, compacted earth is a natural sound proofing ‘agent’. I promise you this. As I took a breather from the dancing and stood peering into the dark acres bordering what’s referred to as The Gillyflower, door closed behind me, I could see guests dancing, but I couldn’t actually hear any music. It was like one of those odd soundless discos, where everyone wears headphones and dances to their own tunes. You can see the moves, you just can’t hear the beats. Aside my light shuffling to stay warm, the sound of my camera’s shutter dragging slowly through a long exposure to attempt a star capture was the only audible clue of anything being beyond the walls of a full swing disco. I digress. Here is Kathryn and Alex’s incredible day, as a Wedding Photofilm.

  • Wonderfull pictures that convey all the emotion of the bride and groom. Thumbs up from Spain!

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