Dragging the shutter | 365:149

Dragging the shutter. Photographic term. I’ve heard the technique described as rather passive. But I think it’s the opposite. I think it describes energy and draws you, voice this in proper northern timbre; right in to action. My own settings wander somewhat according to the available light, but as a rule of thumb the following applies. Shutter speed 1/15 or lower, but only a smidge. ISO set to what I consider is appropriate for the ambient conditions, but usually somewhere in the range of 2000. Again, maybe a smidge lower. Aperture is F10, 11… something that gifts me a deeper depth of field. And that’s because I zone focus, say a metre to infinity. I shoot wide angle and distort the edges for effect. Flash settings equally important. Rear curtain sync and aimed directly to the action. Manually powered, I experiment on the evening with the power output, rule of thumb somewhere between 1/32 and 1/64. Get close to the action and press that shutter button whilst sitting on a beat!

Shot data: focal length 16mm, f10, 1/10, ISO 1000

Colour photograph, example of dragging the shutter using flash

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