Brocket Hall wedding photography

Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire has a long and winding road, both literally like many English country piles and equally historically. This place is rich with highly charged historical and showbiz narrative including it being the location for Roxy and Ronnie’s untimely swimming pool exits from Eastenders in 2017; note to brides everywhere not to attempt a midnight dip in your wedding gown! Former owner, William Lamb, Queen Victoria’s first serving Prime Minister has an unfortunate but intriguingly racy Wiki entry for the period of his ownership. Lady Caroline, his wife, infamously dallianced with one Lord Byron, the English romantic poet. During a banquet held for Byron at Brocket Hall, the lady of the house had herself served from a large silver dish, naked – much to the embarrassment of PM Lamb, who was known to entertain the Queen at the house quite often. I am assuming this was a banquet not attended by royalty. As a wedding venue, Brocket Hall is one of those list tickers in terms of grandeur and grounds and if ‘meandering river running through said grounds’ is also on that account of wishes, then strike that one from your directory too. If you want dreamy Englishman’s castle, it’s perfect. And so here we are for this blog posting; an American bride and expat now Californian groom celebrating the start of married life in one of the south’s more cherished Pillars of Quaint. For my photographer friends who listen to the FujiCast podcast, I’m happy to share that the following wedding pictures are all shot on the superb Fujifilm X-T3.

Wedding planning by Susie from the incredible: Revelry Events

A colour picture of Brocket HallA bride prepares for her wedding day in the bridal suite at Brocket HallA groom preparing for his Brocket Hall weddingEnglish country wedding colour picturePicture of a groom waiting for his bride at the alter in Hertfordshire's Brocket HallBridal procession pictures from a weddingA colour pic of a bride and groom exchanging vowsAmerican bride and groom at English weddingA colour photo of celebratory bride and groom as they exit their weddingColour photo from wedding at Brocket HallColour pictures of the tables laid out at Brocket Hall wedding in HertfordshireColour photo of a grandmother who has fallen asleep during a wedding speechA golden hour wedding photo at Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire EnglandA bride and groom have their first dance at Brocket Hall wedding

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