Beer + Jenga | 31 Days in May #29

Wedding photography and garden games. I’ve been meaning to post these images as testament to that great garden sport; Giant Jenga for a while now. And before you challenge me for listing Jenga as a sport, I bring you darts. If a game that can be practised by a player supping ale and fags classifies as a sport, then surely that permits Jenga to this club too? I can’t understand why Sky doesn’t embrace the art of balancing wooden blocks precariously atop each other whilst robbing their foundations and hoping a strong breeze or indeed child doesn’t show up to spoil the result. Flippancy aside, mix beer and a garden game with adults who could otherwise be in a top level meeting any other day poring over spreadsheets whilst making board level decisions and you encourage the kind of competitive nature that nurtures escapism. And that’s the very definition of sport isn’t it? Anyway, something light and very ‘One Show’ this evening, to ease the ride of the oft emotional pictorial rollercoaster.

Colour photograph of Jenga being played at a wedding

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