A wedding at The Ritz London

The Ritz, London. One of the most famous hotel landmarks in the city. There aren’t many venues, and particularly ones catering for weddings, that can boast a Royal warrant for banqueting services. Well, The Ritz can. The Ritz it seems, can and has done many things. It’s an hotel that qualifies as a must¬†visit place for callers to the capital and there are few famous eateries where the look of disappointment can be judged more markedly, than the discouraged expression on a casual visitor’s face, turned away at reception because they didn’t know a forward reservation is most certainly required for simply taking afternoon tea. And it’s probably worth noting that; ‘Proper attire for tea is a must.’ The Ritz famously refused to serve Mick Jagger tea because he wasn’t wearing a jacket and tie. Churchill, Eisenhower and de Galle met exclusively in the Marie Antoinette suite to discuss operations during WWII. I learned this fact whilst sat in that same suite at the wedding you’re about to view. I was eating a five star banqueting Bolognese practically sat in the place Winston is pictured holding court with world history’s most distinguished. It’s even possible I was sitting in the same chair. Certainly plausible. And now, with but a week to go to Christmas Day in 2018, I was photographing a different historical story. This one may not necessarily receive a Wiki entry, but it made news in the show jumping arena as international show jumper Ricki Hill, married business and life partner Charlotte. Winter weddings produce a very different type of photographic experience. This particular day was raining, raining a lot. To use a northern colloquialism; raining stair rods. We did venture outside by the hotel’s Arlington Street entrance. I say we; I stood in the rain, whilst my new friends Charlotte and Ricki smiled sympathetically in my direction. Thank heavens for water sealed cameras! This being The Ritz though, the hotel itself is enough to qualify as a landscape in which to photograph. Here are a few chosen pictures from the day. A December Ritz Hotel wedding.

Colour photo of the Ritz London in December
A picture of preparations as a bride gets ready for her wedding at The Ritz London
Photograph of a bride applying makeup
Colour photo of a bride being walked to her wedding by her brother at The Ritz in London
Black and white image of a bride being walked down the aisle at The Ritz in London
Colour picture of a wedding ceremony in winter at The Ritz
A colour portrait set made at The Ritz wedding venue in London featuring Ricki Hill and Charlotte
Picture of guests enjoying drinks during a reception at The Ritz
Black and white
A colour photo of Ricki and bride Charlotte on the stairs at The Ritz in London
Colour picture of a wedding cake being cut at The Ritz
Picture of dancing at The Ritz, a wedding dance

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