A nod to 2016 | A Photographer’s Diary

Now, January was supposed to be a quiet month yes? A ‘catch your breath, regroup, complete some personal projects and spend some me time,’ month. But it’s set off at a steady pace once more, fortunately so, which means this little piece took a week or so longer to complete and post than planned. But we’re not so engrossed yet in 2017, the ‘International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development,’ (catchy) that I felt I couldn’t doff my cap back to last year, for a brief resume of my year in pictures, wedding pictures that is, accompanied by some audio moments of humour that prove we’re all after everything is considered, only human; even men of the cloth. Isn’t that the wonderful thing about being a ‘bean’ as the BFG said? So, a hearty thank you to the amazing couples who let me into your lives last year. Photographing a wedding is a humbling experience. Every time you take up your camera, you start from the beginning. No two stories are ever the same. A wedding may well follow a schedule or pattern if you like, but in essence you’re meeting and photographing people you have never encountered before and may never again. So, you need your wits about you. You’re constantly learning as you observe and photograph. That’s what continues to make this genre so engaging. Onwards and upwards then into 2017 and I hope the film brings a smile to your face.

  • If ever you are in doubt about the potential that wedding photography has for truly exquisite images and stories then please look at the work of my dear friend Neale James. In fact whatever your feelings are about any type of photography just have a look at his work, it's just sublimely beautiful.
    There are wedding photographers and then there are photographers like Neale James, supremely talented with a very keen eye indeed.

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