Cannizaro House Wedding Photofilm | Adam and Fia

As father of the bride speeches go, you may have expected this to be somewhat of an energetic and enthusiastic one. Given that father and daughter are radio broadcasters, there was bound to be what I would term; creative showmanship at play.

Father summed it up, right at the head of his speech: “This has been the most bloody brilliant day. I have loved this wedding, it has been such fun. There was a wonderful moment this afternoon when the assistant registrar, who was looking a little bewildered anyway, saw two dogs walking into the room with the rings. She lost the plot.”

And that really set the tone for the design of this Wedding Photofilm. Many of my films do promote an extremely emotive tone and you would expect that given the subject matter I’m sure. As I sat and listened to the audio captured during Adam and Fia’s Cannizaro House wedding celebrations however, I was struck by how this really would need to take a more energetic route. It was a day of laughter, high drama, and as you’ll see by a gift exchange during bridal preparations, an element of intense emotion, but always with an embracing nod toward high spirits. And so the pace and the mood had to reflect that when presented as my Photofilm ode to the day. It may seem somewhat gratuitous to feature the father’s speech as the lead audio track to this piece, but I think that aids the tone I’m trying to promote, and it certainly wouldn’t be a first time I’ve spotlit the father’s track.

Wasing Park Photofilm | Curt and Diana

Appreciating that I can sometimes say a hundred words, when one paragraph will do (that’s the ex-hack in me), I’d like to show you Curt and Diana’s love story by way of their Photofilm, and simply accompany it with words from the groom after he viewed this piece.

“Well what can we say, WOW! we are totally blown away by the photofilm you have put together for us, it completely encapsulates the essence of our day and to demonstrate that in 8.5 minutes is nothing short of phenomenal!!! Everything is perfect about it, how you have married the music to our images, the quotes you’ve picked, we are both more than delighted and I have to say of all the photos, videos and and things captured of our most special day this is by far and away our favourite.

The production of it is absolutely exceptional, this is the best thing we’ve done with you and it will easily get the most airtime! We really can’t thank you enough for compiling this for us. Many Thanks once again, you’ve truly touched us in what you’ve produced.”

2013 review

It’s a reasonably cathartic process preparing a photographic review each year. In the past such reviews have been stills based and surprisingly despite the production of almost 90 Photofilms, I’ve not to date produced my yearly review as one.

And so my nod to 2013 revisits a year of witnessing nuptials in stills set to the sounds of a day, as a film. The Photofilm element of my work is becoming ever more important. Almost half the couples who commission me to shoot their wedding opt for a Photofilm; a movie short that takes photographs from the day and lays them across a bed of sounds captured alongside the stills as the wedding develops. Often the soundtrack to a Photofilm is taken from speeches and the exchange of vows, those pivotal moments that as echoes of the day, become a perfect accompaniment to a film. Sometimes though other opportunities present, such as a chef passing instructions across the pass during service, or a father’s words to his daughter upon first seeing her dressed as a bride.

Although this review is more musically based due to the sheer amount of weddings focused, I’ve included a short passage of speech to give those who haven’t seen our Photofilms an opportunity to understand that part of our work.

And so 2014 beckons. My work really starts in earnest this coming March, though I have a few commissions during January and February to keep the photographic mind sharp. My thanks to all those who commissioned me to provide a pictorial record of their wedding in 2013. I consider it a genuine privilege to be entrusted with this task. Happy New Year!

Angus and Verity | Wasing Wedding Photofilm

I’ve been asked across the years to photographically cover weddings for venue owners, wedding organisers and other wedding photographers and whilst every event retains an importance befitting a truly one off occasion, there is no doubt on a day where wedding professionals are the key focus, there is a mind shift in terms of how I experience their photography. Because as a documentary wedding photographer I choose to envelop myself in a day and truly experience the event rather than work from a shot list, perhaps it’s that in the back of my mind, there’s a heightened intrigue as to how they are seeing their day unfold from the other side of the counter.

And so I bring you Angus and Verity’s Wasing Park Wedding Photofilm, a real journey of emotion with an inevitable focus on food at one stage, as the groom is a director of the catering organisation driving this venue. And with each Photofilm presented there seems to be an enhanced documentary feel; the film breaking from musical score on a couple of occasions to experience simply the sounds and atmosphere recorded.

Sam and Tony | Wedding Photofilm

A clean break is not a term you may necessarily associate with subject matter relating to a wedding. Yet, when you’ve been planning a wedding for two years, looking forward to the date, the occasion and everything to do with this one big day, think of one of the most difficult phone calls you could make, exactly four weeks to the day of the marriage itself when you have to announce; “Darling, I’ve just broken my ankle.”

This wedding saw many a twist and turn (if you’ll forgive the gratuitous pun Tony) in terms of the tales of a day, including a professional comic as one of the best men. So, here’s a love story, actually, here’s a whole bunch of stories, in a Photofilm called ‘Stories to tell’.

Duncan and Erica | Wedding Photofilm

It’s a wedding venue I know well, Wasing Park; under fifteen minutes from my front door, I’ve shot over 70 weddings at this one venue alone. Yet every day is different, and I genuinely feel that. We talk a lot in this industry about story telling, narrative building through wedding photography. By setting the images from a day to sounds recorded as the tale unfolds in real time, I really believe it’s a strong way to capture another dimension in terms of narrative. Here’s Duncan and Erica’s story as a Wedding Photofilm.

Chris and Nicola’s Wedding Photofilm

It rained. Oh, it rained. And then it rained some more. But you know what? Late November, Christmas rapping on the door with a reminder to check your behaviour for the naughty and nice list; there’s a romance to winter weddings that dispels any thought from your mind that mild weather is the only accompaniment to saying “I do.” Here’s a new Photofilm edit from Chris and Nicola’s Windsor wedding, with reception at Bijou Weddings’ Botleys Mansion.

Wasing Park Photofilm | Iain and Alex

I’m delighted to release the latest wedding Photofilm featuring the calm natural humour of Iain as he married Alex at St Mary’s Silchester, with the reception hosted at one of my favourite wedding venues in Berkshire, Wasing Park.

Followers of the feature will note that there is a slightly more cinematic feel in terms of aspect ratio, having worked to 2K sizing, with the occasional landscape and portrait bringing in vertical cropping. Congratulations to you both, a superb day and plenty of emotional exchange. Your father Alex; absolute gold.

For more of my wedding photography at Wasing Park, please click here, and if you would like to remember your wedding celebrations through a Photofilm, please do get in touch via the contact form on the main menu.

Worcester wedding photography

From probably one of the last truly mild days of 2012, two beautiful locations came together for what can only be described as a very English kind of wedding.

This is the story of Steen and Georgina’s wedding day as a Photofilm.

The day began at St. Michael and All Angels, renowned as Britain’s finest baroque church. It’s attached albeit by a ‘thread’ these days to Witley Court, which damaged by a fire in one of the wings in 1937 was unfortunately sold to scrap dealers when the insurance company failed to settle for restoration of the building. And so, as you’ll see by the opening two frames, this fabulous building (now restored in part by English Heritage) is now a haunting shell surrounded by beautiful Worcestershire countryside adjacent to one of the most incredible churches I have ever had the pleasure to photograph in.

Following the ceremony, we went city bound to enjoy a quintessentially colonial style high tea at The Old Palace, Deansway. And so in the shadow of Worcester Cathedral, the evening came to a close. History lesson complete, I hope you enjoy the Photofilm.

Wedding photographer Gloucestershire

There’s something inherently British about a wedding in a Cathedral. The majesty of the place. The size, the sound. This is the Wedding Photofilm of actors Mark and Francesca’s big day at Gloucester Cathedral. Usually I collate audio from the vows and speeches to produce one of these unique features. It wasn’t possible with this recording, however I did achieve some actuality from the service itself and I think that makes a fitting introduction to the stills movie. Music courtesy Triple Scoop.